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Our parent company, WebSec Group, specializes in comprehensive solutions & responses to more complicated cases. Our business solution is appropriate for:

  • Digital Stalking and Harassment
  • Sextortion or Cyber Blackmail
  • Digital Investigations
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Business or Personal Reputation Management & More

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We Go Beyond Removals With Our Unique Services

Our platform is the most efficient, while constantly evolving, service on the market for guarding your content. But we take pride in going beyond content removals and offering fully unique and customized solutions.

We’ve seen first hand in many cases where the privacy of a private citizen is breached, such as real names and addresses. Criminals will often sell and trade your personal data for theft, impersonation, and stolen identities. Our team created a software, similar to services used by private investigators, to make sure your online presence is secured and completely private.

  1. Our team manually audits your online presence to make sure there is no link between your digital and your personal life. If there is, we will alert you immediately and provide you with the proper action to take.
  2. We crawl images for EXIF data and analyze videos for metadata that could leak personal information and alert you with an immediate fix. 
  3. In the case your personal information is already leaked, we offer a comprehensive and customized solution that will secure your digital presence in the future. Additionally, you can choose to gather personal information on identified blackmailers/extortionists using our service. We will compile a report that can be used in a civil or criminal court, or given to an attorney. 

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